How to purchase or reserve advance tickets for events

Do you want to know more about Barnes Rock events? Would you like to be added to our database to receive our regular eMails? (If so, it will be assumed that you have opted in). Do you have other friends who you can introduce to Barnes Rock? Are you planning a party and would like to book one of our bands? Would you like to reserve an advance ticket for some of our events (see event details page for availability of advance ticket purchase).

Please get in touch!

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Tickets at our events are purchasable at the door (usually £10pp with some exceptions). Our next pre-ticketed event with advance tickets will be announced in due course.

Please use the form to reserve advance tickets, stating how many you need and whether you are organising a table. You will then receive an email back stating how to pay by Faster Payment System from your bank account. If you wish to pay by card, you can only do this by visiting Billetto. You need not pay for the tickets for everyone on your table yourself, but you should ensure that your table members have bought tickets. If an event includes food, the price per ticket will depend upon whether food is being pre-ordered or not. It may be possible to attend without purchasing food.

By reserving your tickets in advance and providing your first name, last name and eMail address (and the first name, last name and eMail addresses of others for whom you are purchasing tickets), your name(s) will be added to our Barnes Rock eMail list (if not already on it) and you will receive regular eMails reminding you about our events from which you may subsequently unsubscribe if you wish. Please insert Barnes Rock into your computer’s eMail address book.